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Published 19th February 2020

I feel that this first post should set the tone for those to follow, for the site in general and the company that it represents.

A key value for us is passion for what we do, for it will always be reflected in our output. In particular, when producing entertainment we have to remember to never take ourselves too seriously; to never become formulaic, calcified.

As the adage goes:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

— Proverb, origins unknown

And so, when contemplating the name for a company focused on optimsing the creation process, I initially wanted to capture the sentiment with which, as a producer, I like to run my projects… ‘playfully strict’. If I had to describe it as a dish it would be mostly lean but with a sprinkle of spice and a dash of zest. 

However, toying with this concept, I came up with ‘Strictly Playful’ – which, as it turned out, better represents everything this company stands for, from the principles that govern a process aimed at creating entertainment to the nature of the products and experiences it helps craft and produce”.