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Strictly Playful

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

— Proverb, origins unknown

Strictly Playful is a Management Consultancy, specifically catering to clients in the constantly evolving field of interactive entertainment, who need to combine a variety of approaches, techniques and methodologies to create memorable stories and experiences.

Strictly Playful was created to enable a ‘strike-team’ of like-minded industry experts to provide insight and guidance to companies wishing to raise their game by ensuring their strategy and execution is constantly updated to match their vision – thanks to a process of doing, learning and informed change.

“When contemplating the name for this company, I wanted to capture the sentiment with which, as a producer, I liked to run my projects – ‘playfully strict’. If it were a dish it would be mostly lean but with a sprinkle of spice and a dash of zest. Then, playfully I turned the concept on its head – Strictly Playful – as it turned out, represented everything this company stands for, from the principles that govern a process aimed at creating fun to the nature of the products and experiences it helps craft and produce”.

— Marc D’Souza – Founder

Marc – Founder & Lead Consultant

Thanks to the pioneering CAD lab at Imperial College London, I took my first steps in 3D virtual spaces in the early 90s. It was love at first sight and a couple of years later, armed with a Masters degree in Engineering, the natural step was to pursue the rapidly expanding market of video game development. In the last 20+ years, I have forged my skills in experience design and production across several countries, in organisations of all sizes and delivering for a variety of mediums and platforms. From games to film VFX and interactive installations, the one constant has been relentless boundary-pushing; striving for innovation whilst ensuring the highest quality of delivery to clients and consumers.